Map of Morganfield to Sullivan line Morganfield to Sullivan

Union County

24 miles

The line from Morganfield to Sullivan was built around the turn of the Twentieth Century by the Illinois Central RR. It stayed in the ICRR family until the early 1980s when the ICRR sold off most of its Kentucky lines. A large portion of these lines became the Paducah & Louisville RY, but this line from Morganfield to Sullivan was abandoned by ICRR and reactivated by Western Kentucky Rail Lines. It was then re-abandoned by WKRL in the late 1990s. Because of its recent abandonment, much of the line remains in excellent condition.

A few portions have been reused as auto roads, though none have been paved. These areas are in the town of Morganfield and along the Right of way near Dekoven and RiverMississippi River floodplain and wildlife area near Dekoven. Other sections of the line remain in clear condition and see informal use by pedestrians and off road vehicles.

In addition to the natural areas, the right of way provides access to several small towns and villages and their residential and commercial areas.

Morganfield and Sturgis still have their depots. In Morganfield it is a stucco combination depot that now houses a few businesses. The wooden depot in Sturgis recently suffered damage from a fire -- about half of the structure is still standing.

There are also two pre-fab concrete railroad telephone booths left along the line, one in Morganfield and one near Dekoven. Sturgis has a short section of another abandoned right of way that has been paved as a trail and is associated with the town's elementary school, which is nearby. The Morganfield-Sullivan line does not connect directly, but it is not far from the finished trail.