Map of Lebanon to Greensburg line Lebanon to Greensburg

Marion, Taylor, and Green Counties

30.4 miles

This line, a branch off of the Louisville & Nashville's Lebanon Branch, was built in 1879 and abandoned 100 years later. The section from Greensburg to just south of Campbellsville was abandoned first in 1979 and the rest of the line was abandoned in the mid-1980s.

Most of the line is intact with conditions that vary between clear informal pathways and overgrown road bed. The right of way has been made into a street in downtown Campbellsville; there are a few other short sections used as local access roads in rural areas, but most sections do not see any car traffic.

There are two tunnels, one near Greensburg and the other near Campbellsville, but their statuses are unknown. The Greensburg depot was recently restored and the Campbellsville depot sees use by the police department and Boy Scouts.

A unique pedestrian bridge connects the depot area to downtown Greensburg where there are several historic buildings and the courthouse square. This line makes a connection with another high value abandoned line in Lebanon and provides connection between several small towns and their schools, post offices, commercial, and residential areas.