Map of New Circle to North Elkhorn Creek line Lexington: New Circle Road to North Elkhorn Creek

Fayette County

2.5 miles

This short section of abandoned line was once part of the original Louisville and Nashville RR line to Winchester, the rest of which is still the current active CSXT line. It was abandoned when it became redundant and traffic was rerouted to an essentially parallel line just to the north.

Between New Circle Road and just past Kenawood Park the line is intact and tree lined. The right of way is grassy with some overgrowth and deadfall. It is on an embankment that runs between yards and divides neighborhoods. The rail line becomes the boundary of Kenawood Park and would provide an effective link between neighborhoods, the park, commercial areas, and possibly Yates Elementary School as well. The school is quite near the line but not directly on it.

Between Kenawood Park and I-75 only parts of the right of way remain intact. Some of it has been built on by garages and sheds and in other places the space is clear, but the embankment and trees have been removed. On the east side of I-75 the rail bed is still intact and tree lined. The embankment is quite high at Hume Road and there is evidence of an overpass that used to cross over the road, though no bridge remains. At the northern terminus the line connects to an active rail line. Nearby is the southern terminus of another abandoned Louisville and Nashville RR line that ran from Paris and was abandoned in the 1950s.