Map of Kevil to Mississippi River line Kevil to Mississippi River

Ballard County

16.7 miles

The line from Barlow to the river was abandoned in 1943, while the line from Kevil (just west of Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant) to Barlow remained in service until 1978. Constructed by the Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans RR (a subsidiary of Illinois Central RR), it later took the ICRR name and at abandonment was part of the Illinois Central Gulf RR.

Most of the rural areas of right of way are intact. Some parts are clear and see some informal use while others are more overgrown. At least one steel bridge remains and there are concrete bridge piers in Barlow. There are a few smaller artifacts, such as a cement mile marker, that stand between Kevil and Barlow.

In LaCenter most of the right of way is built over by new commercial buildings since the line ran closely parallel with the main highway through town.

At the west, the line passes through and near several wildlife management areas, lakes, the Mississippi River flood plain, and provides access to the river.