Map of Frankfort to Georgetown to Paris line Frankfort to Georgetown to Paris

Franklin, Scott, and Bourbon Counties

40 miles

The line of the Frankfort and Cincinnati Railroad ran from Frankfort to Paris, where it connected with the mainline of the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific RR. It was nicknamed "The Whiskey Route" because of the number of distilleries it served along the way. Built in 1889-90, most of the route was abandoned in 1967 and the early 1970s. A small section of the line in Frankfort remained in service until the mid 1980s, serving one remaining distillery there.

Sections of this line have been obliterated by road and urban development, especially near Georgetown, but other sections remain completely intact. Except for a few sections that have been built over, the line from downtown Paris to Centerville is intact. It is a tree-lined embankment that passes through the small villages of Elizabeth Station and Centerville and travels through some of Kentucky's most picturesque horse farms. A railroad building, most likely the depot, remains in Elizabeth Station and the depot in Centerville is being used as a private residence. A section of the line is intact east of Georgetown and a metal bridge remains in place, but closer to Georgetown sections of the line have been built over or reused as private driveways.

West of Georgetown, much of the line remains intact, again lined thickly with trees. This portion of the line passes through Stamping Ground, which has interesting distillery building ruins, and through Switzer, home to the Switzer covered bridge.

East of Frankfort, some of the line has been obliterated from development, but most of it remains intact. This line passes near shopping areas, schools, a county recreation park, and residential neighborhoods and connects to downtown Frankfort near the tunnel (still in use). It is cut into the side of a steep bank as it makes its descent into downtown and is surrounded by thick wooded areas. The road bed in this area is mostly free from thick brush -- the main barrier is a missing bridge over a deep creek valley. This line has great potential for local commuters, school children, recreational use, and for tourists wishing to visit Frankfort, other towns, Switzer Bridge, and the horse farms.